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Sing for Hope believes that the arts have unmatched power to
uplift, unite, and heal, and that all people deserve access to them.

Enhancing Healthcare

Bring the healing power of the arts to those who need it most through movement, music, art workshops… (read more)

Give a full year of arts-based programming to a healthcare facility.


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Elevating Communities

Commission the creation of a new artist-designed Sing for Hope Piano and celebrate its launch…(read more)

Fund a Sing for Hope Piano for a community in need.


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Empowering Youth

Provide dynamic arts leadership education to students of all ages through the creation of a Sing for Hope Piano….(read more)

Bring a Sing for Hope Piano and our Citizen Artistry Curriculum to an under-resourced school.


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Expanding Globally

A gift of $10,000 brings our arts-interventions wherever they’re needed most….(read more)

Create a better world through the arts, help us expand our work for greater global impact.


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Give a gift where it’s needed most.

Not sure where your dollars are best served?

Give a donation and we’ll apply it to the area most in need.


When you donate a gift in honor of someone, Sing for Hope will send out a complimentary “In honor” card to let them know about the special gift you gave in their name. It’s a great way to let your family and friends know about the impact of the gift you made in their name.

Your generosity to Sing for Hope makes a profound impact on all we do.

100% of proceeds support working artists and bring Sing for Hope’s programming to communities in need.